Period Furniture Conservation

When a piece of period furniture arrives at our workshop an initial assessment is made to ascertain whether it is structurally sound. A condition report is then produced for the client, outlining any period furniture conservation work that is recommended in order to maintain the piece. If requested to do so, we will also give advice and recommendations on the appearance and maintenance of any decorated areas.

Following any structural repair the item will be reassembled, glued and clamped in the traditional manner. Surface cleaning may be required and this will be discussed with the client prior to the commencement of any conservation work.

Polishing 32ft long dining table, viewed in the main workshopDelivering table back to Corpus Christi College, CambridgeAerial view of table frame work

Setting up table and handing over with detailed discussionLast mahogany leaf being insertedAerial view of table completed and assembled back in collegeView of table ready for formal dining