Leather Conservation

In many instances we need to repair leather where surface cracks and shrinkage have occurred (as seen in the examples below).

The leather on the chairs may have sustained wear and tear due to age or heavy usage. Wherever possible we would re-lay the leather and this means that the conservation process in this particular case is minimal. A near-invisible repair can be achieved when we adhere a water based material to the back and underneath.

In the case of the jewellery box, where the leather has become detached due to the fact it has been stored in damp conditions at some point in its life and then dried out, we would carefully lift the leather, clean the water based glue from the leather and clean the sub-straight. We would then re-apply the surface with the appropriate adhesive.

Fine French jewellery box Finely fitted out interior Gilt hinge and fine leather interior Water damaged side elevation with sun fading, causing shrinkage and colour loss Detail in tooling on leather work

Pair of continental chairs Worn leather detail Missing leather from corner detail Ripped leather to seat Leather Conservation