Ceramics Repair and Conservation

Vases, dishes, decorative plates and a whole range of different ceramics come into our workshop for repair and conservation.

Our Ceramics Repair and Conservation Process

In cases where a previous ceramics repair has been attempted we carefully remove the existing unsightly glue. We then carry out a museum repair which involves full dismantling, cleaning up previous restoration, followed by careful re-assembly using the appropriate adhesives. In the majority of instances professional re-gluing is sufficient.

There are occasions however when it is necessary to make up replacement parts e.g. where significant damage has occurred or an item is part of a collection and it needs to look in its original state. When the ceramic item has been repaired the previously damaged area is glazed and hand-painted to match the original surface areas, resulting in a near invisible repair.

For further information on our ceramics repair and conservation services, please contact us.

Stains removed

Fine hand repair China desk setAll items are photographed before and after repair. The procedures and extent of the repairs are fully documented for the client.