Early Walnut Conservation (period veneers)

The period veneers on early walnut furniture frequently require lifting and re-laying when they have become loose and unstable. This involves lifting the affected blistered and hollow pieces of veneer, and removing the old scotch glue which has dried out. The areas are then carefully cleaned and re-laid using traditional bone glue.

There are occasions when sections of the veneers have been lost. When this has occurred, we carefully select pieces of reclaimed period walnut to match the grain, texture and colour to the old sections. Old reclaimed veneer is used at all times to match in and blend in order to keep consistency and to stabilize. All work is documented to show where areas have been reinstated using reclaimed materials.

English walnut chest on stand with brass fittings Walnut veneer being lifted for repair Walnut moulding detail on chest on stand

Front elevation of walnut knee-hole desk Side angle of knee-hole desk, English walnut Walnut knee-hole desk English walnut chest on stand “close detail of stand” English walnut drawers showing brass detail Section of walnut veneer missing