Brass Inlay Conservation

We find that the majority of brass inlay conservation items from the Regency period needing attention have areas of blistered and lifting veneers. This can be due to central heating or the level of the moisture where the item has been stored.

We carefully lift the affected brass and inlay areas and remove the surface glue, at the same time removing the dirt and debris from underneath the veneers and brass work. We then re-apply using appropriate water based glues. If any loss has occurred we would look to trace the pieces that are missing or if large areas are involved we would copy or trace out by hand. Replacement parts will then be hand cut with reclaimed brass, to match the existing surface areas.

Minimal conservation work is carried out and any replacement areas are documented and photographed stage by stage.Brass detail missing, requiring reclaimed brass replacementBlistered brass inlay detail requiring consolidation

Hand piecing work for brass detail replacement Brass stringing requiring lifting and relaying with traditional adhesives Detail of brass being consolidated and veneer replacement, sourced from large reclaimed stocks