Cintique Furniture Restoration

What is Cintique Furniture?

January 2018 marked 110 years since Cintique began back in 1908. Although a lot of things have changed, they still remain a privately owned company with the same ethos and design techniques from 110 years ago.

Cintique has always insisted that products incorporate quality materials, good design, and a high specification of craftsmanship. Each piece remains hand-crafted to meet specific orders, which can be customised with sizes, wood colour and fabric options to suit a client’s needs.

High quality beech frames are still the basis of the business, which was founded in 1908 by Jack Cinnamon. Until 1939, Cintique were major suppliers of frames to the trade. Show-wood is still the mainstay of its ranges, from full frames like the Vermont to the Hazel with minimalist front-facing show-wood.