Ercol Furniture Restoration

ercol furniture restoration

Ercol furniture is as stylish today as it was when it was first created in 1920 by Lucian Ercolani.
The enduring popularity of original pieces of Ercol furniture has resulted in rising demand for repair and restoration projects from our clients, who understand that classic modern designs require the same level of attention and craftsmanship when they are damaged as do older antiques.

Until relatively recently Ercol had a list of preferred agents for Ercol furniture restoration, (of which we were proud to be one), who were required to demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and skill to the company before becoming accredited to undertake restoration and repair work. As this quality control mechanism no longer exists there has been an increasing number of contractors who are offering Ercol owners their services without the necessary understanding or experience to achieve the required results.

At Ludovic Potts we use traditional Ercol furniture restoration skills to restore ageing and damaged furniture to its former glory. If you would like to see an example of our close relationship with Ercol, please read this article on our restoring ercol furniture project for the Sir Ralph Perring Centre.

The history of Ercol is fascinating and is well worth a visit if you are interested in exploring how its large range of furniture styles developed over the years.


Ercol Restoration Case Study: Drop Leaf Dining Table

Over the years we have taken the same approach to restoring modern furniture finishes as we have with traditional finishes. We work using original materials as closely as possible and in this instance we wanted to achieve a long durable finish with ease of maintenance.
We used modern lacquers which are hard, durable and easy to maintain by wiping and drying thoroughly.

This Ercol dining table had been in use from the mid 1960’s yet had plenty of life left in it, despite the finish which had deteriorated. Our objective was to remove the original damaged finish down to the bare wood and re-lacquer it, bringing it back to showroom condition as required by the client.

On occasion we are asked to retain sentimental damage which has occurred over the years – for example “Little Johnny” aged three may have signed his name with a ball-point pen! Retention of such damage is not an issue and is easily accommodated.